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Harness your strengths, ditch the stress, struggle, and self-doubt, and GET OFF THE ROAD TO BURNOUT


Thursday, April 20th 

  •  3:00pm (New York)
  •  2:00pm (Chicago)
  •  12:00pm (L.A.)

In this masterclass, you will discover...

  • How our high-achieving professional clients go from stressed and struggling to calm, confident ease, even when they remain in high-pressured positions.

  • How they use their unique strengths to make space in their lives so they have more energy and no longer have to push through their physical and emotional limits – hopped up on caffeine, sugar, and red wine (because let's be honest, none of those strategies is working any longer to ease the fatigue or worry, are they?)

  • The secret they use to uproot that insidious self-doubt, people-pleasing, or perfectionism, so they can stay calm, confident, authentic, and effective no matter what challenges or opportunities life throws their way. 

  • How they overcome fear and step outside of their comfort zone, so they can achieve a whole new level of success, without feeling like an imposter.

  • The pervasive myth that prevents even bright, accomplished, independent women from living into their potential, while maintaining their balance.

  • AND how they match their inner and outer brilliance, live into their potential, and fall back in love with life, so they can make their impact, without sacrificing their own health or happiness.

Presented by Katy Burno, MBA, JD, Master Coach

Katy is the founder of VisionProject, helping professional women create authentic, impactful, sustainable success from the inside out

She has spent the last 20 years coaching, advising, and counseling leaders and professionals. 

Her clients will tell you she is their secret to optimizing time, energy, and mindset, so they can gracefully and courageously manage all the demands on their time, without sacrificing health or happiness.